Shows, shows and shows

Well the shows are definitely back on.  If you have never shown before give it a go…. support local shows, and promote turkeys….

Lets try and get turkeys at the summer shows everyone’s birds are in the same condition …


Rutland Show  – 4th June
message received:
We have classes for Turkey’s at Rutland but no one enters. Could you maybe mention it in your newsletter. Its always first Sunday in June. Appreciate summer not a good time for birds. We have an non standard class open to all poultry.

Royal Three Counties  – 16 to 18th June
Phone: 01684 584 924
come and support TCUK at the stand


Shows and Poultry Gatherings Order

Having just spoken to trading standards the following information for clarity has been provided:

DEFRA had announced that the ban on poultry shows would be lifted on the 15th May pending no further outbreaks of AI.

No further statement has been made, trading standards are waiting to hear if the removal of the ban will go ahead following two new reported cases in Lancaster.

Shows in Scotland will be going ahead after May 15 but only with poultry from Scotland.

During the conversation it was recommended that if shows do go ahead, owners should consider putting returning birds in isolation, where they have no contact with other birds, and excellent biosecurity is in place.

If the birds in isolation do become ill and confirmed AI, it will be up to DEFRA and the Vet as to whether all the birds on the property is slaughtered or just those in isolation.  But where the variety is regarded as rare it may be a consideration along with isolation and biosecurity.

It is recommended you discuss with your local vet for further clarification

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Avian Flu – new regulations to continue after the 28/2/17

We have all be watching for news of what will happen after February.

DEFRA have released a new order which whilst relaxes some of the measures if you are deemed to be in one of the High Risk areas it is not too dissimilar to what is in place now with bio security, Netted pens, and keep inside. Bird gatherings are still not allowed.  The new order is in force until 28th April 2017. View Here

Follow this link for the interactive map where you can enter your postcode to see if your birds are in a high risk area. Click Here

Seek advise from your local vet.

Turkeys inside……

The order to shut Turkeys in or prevent contact with wild birds effects everyone from the commercial keeper to the pair of turkeys kept in a back garden.  We all have the same responsibility to protect our birds from wild birds in particular waterfowl which apart from two cases seem to have been the ones being found with it. There are several ways different keepers are managing this…..

  • replacing windows and doors with galvanised wire.
  • where an enclosure is an issue I have heard of fruit cage netting, debris netting and green windbreak netting being used through to wooden framed enclosures with chicken wire and roofing.
  • deep littering with a powder disinfectant.
  • poly tunnels and green houses.

Sadly I have also recently heard of someone  who have halved their flock to enable keeping them in sheds by culling.   It is certainly a lot of work with birds shut in and most of us are finding ways to make it all work.
Lets all be sensible…. and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice  from fellow members, Trading Standards, DEFRA and PCGB.

DEFRA – poultry to be kept in until 28 February

a useful link for knowing the outbreaks and risk factors.

This is certainly tough times for us all and keeping the large birds under cover is not something any of us enjoy doing.  With the source of the outbreak being in wild birds it is unpredictable where it will strike next.  There has only been two instances in ‘kept’ poultry to date but several places have cases of dead wild birds.

There are lots of conflicting reports and panic about this outbreak but in reality by keeping our own birds safe inside with good bio-security we should all get through and the turkeys will soon be out in the spring sun!

From trawling the internet and conversations there are various ways people are covering up from completely covering up a small house and run for chickens with tragic results to poly-tunnels, using debris netting, heavy duty gezebos.

REMEMBER -what ever you are using to protect your turkeys they need good airflow. Make sure the water and feed is by the entrance to eliminate entering the sheds and spreading the virus.  Use foot baths, and give your birds treats such as fruits, cabbage.  Try and clean the bedding as often as possible there are some good powder sanitizers that can be sprinkled over the litter to help eliminate the ammonia and bugs.