National Show – Arrangements for Turkeys and Geese

Please see below message received from PCGB regarding the National Show entries for Turkey and Geese.

Dear Brenda & Denise

Andy Marment, National Show manager has asked me to send you an e-mail to confirm that the Turkeys & Geese will be able to access the show hall from the rear doors of the hall to assist those who normally carry birds into the show.

I’d be grateful if you could re-assure your members that our arrangements will take this into account and will be facilitated.  Please bear in mind that the birds will still need an inspection and be accompanied by the necessary paperwork.

There is a National Show meeting coming up in a couple of weeks after which more details will follow on the arrangements for the bird inspections and access/check points.

We would be grateful if you could cascade this message to your club members in case they have concerns about this.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions for the show arrangements or committee.

Kind regards


Kate Dickinson

General Secretary for the Poultry Club of Great Britain