Shows and Poultry Gatherings Order

Having just spoken to trading standards the following information for clarity has been provided:

DEFRA had announced that the ban on poultry shows would be lifted on the 15th May pending no further outbreaks of AI.

No further statement has been made, trading standards are waiting to hear if the removal of the ban will go ahead following two new reported cases in Lancaster.

Shows in Scotland will be going ahead after May 15 but only with poultry from Scotland.

During the conversation it was recommended that if shows do go ahead, owners should consider putting returning birds in isolation, where they have no contact with other birds, and excellent biosecurity is in place.

If the birds in isolation do become ill and confirmed AI, it will be up to DEFRA and the Vet as to whether all the birds on the property is slaughtered or just those in isolation.  But where the variety is regarded as rare it may be a consideration along with isolation and biosecurity.

It is recommended you discuss with your local vet for further clarification