Turkeys inside……

The order to shut Turkeys in or prevent contact with wild birds effects everyone from the commercial keeper to the pair of turkeys kept in a back garden.  We all have the same responsibility to protect our birds from wild birds in particular waterfowl which apart from two cases seem to have been the ones being found with it. There are several ways different keepers are managing this…..

  • replacing windows and doors with galvanised wire.
  • where an enclosure is an issue I have heard of fruit cage netting, debris netting and green windbreak netting being used through to wooden framed enclosures with chicken wire and roofing.
  • deep littering with a powder disinfectant.
  • poly tunnels and green houses.

Sadly I have also recently heard of someone  who have halved their flock to enable keeping them in sheds by culling.   It is certainly a lot of work with birds shut in and most of us are finding ways to make it all work.
Lets all be sensible…. and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice  from fellow members, Trading Standards, DEFRA and PCGB.