Origin: America

Classification: Light

The White turkey has been found throughout the history of the turkey, since the Aztec period. It is believed to be a sport of other breeds, where the white gene has appeared dominant. The White Holland turkey was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874 and the Beltsville Small White was admitted in 1951. The British White, Austrian White and White Holland have all been bred in the UK in the past and different strains have been developed for the commercial sector.

Colour: male and female

Head: Bright rich red, but changeable in the male to cornflower blue and white.

Throat-wattle: Red but changeable to pink

Beak: White to pale horn

Eyes: Iris dark hazel, pupil blue-black

Plumage in both sexes: pure white.

Legs and feet: Pink flesh.

Toe-nails: White to pale horn.

Standard weights

Mature stag 10kgs – 12.7kgs (22lbs – 28lbs)

Young stag 7.25kgs – 10.4kgs (16lbs – 23lbs)

Mature hen 5.4kgs – 8.1kgs (12lbs – 18lbs)

Young hen 3.6kgs – 6.3kgs (8lbs – 14 lbs)

Day-old poults

Poults are pure white.