Slate stag. Photo: Victoria Roberts

Origin: America

Classification: Light

The Slate turkey is believed to have evolved from crossing Norfolk Blacks introduced to America, with the Eastern Wild. The breed was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. During the turn and early part of the 20th century, the Slate and Blue turkeys were very popular at the London shows.

Colour: male and female

Head: Red, changeable to bluish white

Beak: Horn

Eyes: Dark Brown

Throat –Wattle: Red, changeable to bluish white.

Plumage in both sexes: slaty blue throughout, which may be dotted or flecked with black.

Legs and Feet: Pink in adults, deep pink in young

Standard Weights

Mature stag 10kgs – 12.7kgs (22lbs – 28lbs).

Young stag 7.25kgs – 10.4kgs (16lbs – 23lbs)

Mature hen 5.4kgs – 8.1kgs (12lbs – 18lbs).

Young hen 3.6kgs – 6.3kgs (8lbs – 14 lbs)

Day-old poults

The head, neck and back are a yellowish white with a definite tinge of blue. The throat is a pale yellowish white to light yellow, going to a yellowish white underneath the body.


Any entirely black feathers. Feathering that contains brown or buff.