Harvey Speckled

Harvey Speckled

Origin England

Classification Light

A speckled turkey developed in the late 20th century by Mr. D. C. Harvey of Cornwall, England. Initially bred as a light commercial bird. Standard passed by Poultry Club Great Britain March 2016.


Head : Red, changeable to bluish white.

Neck: Creamy white with intermingling cinnamon speckles.

Beak : Light horn.

Eyes: Iris – dark hazel, pupil – black.

Throat wattle: Red, changeable to bluish white.

Plumage: Overall colour is creamy white with cinnamon distinct speckles.

Flights & secondaries: Creamy white.

Tail: Creamy white.


Undercolour and fluff : Creamy white everywhere with some light cinnamon stippling.

Legs and feet: Salmon pink with touch of horn, ageing to predominantly horn.

Female As for male but often less heavily speckled.

Weights Stag Young – 7.25kg to 10kg (16lb to 23lb)

Mature – 10kg to 12.7 kg (22lb to 28lb)

Hen Young – 3.6kg to 6.3kg (8lb to 14lb)

Mature – 5.4kg to 8.1kg (12lb to 18lb)

Defects Colour other than cinnamon. Speckles running into each other, areas of solid colour or barring of solid colour.


Day Old Poults Creamy white