Crimson Dawn or Black-winged Bronze

Crimson Dawn or Black-winged Bronze

Photo: Mike Sumner

The rather sketchy Standard below appears in the 1997 5th edition of the PCGB Standards.  It was not reviewed for the current PCGB publication, presumably because no birds had been in circulation since the early 1990s.

Naturally mated birds were produced again in 2012 (photo above) but are very scarce.

The Crimson Dawn or Black-winged Bronze: rarely seen.

Classification: Heavy

Plumage of both sexes: As in Bronze, except that the primary flight feathers are black, the secondary flights black with white tips, and some white marking is permitted on the shoulders. All other aspects as in Bronze.


Stag 13.60-18.14 kg (30-40 lb)

Young stag 11.33-15.87 kg (25-35 lb)

Hen 8.16-11.97 kg (l8-26 lb)

Young hen 4.98-9.97 kg (l l-22 lb)