Bronze turkey stag

Origin: Europe

Classification: Heavy

The bronze turkey is the closest in colouring to the Eastern Wild. It is the most popular variety of turkey there is and a good Bronze is difficult to beat at exhibitions. The Bronze was further developed in England and re-introduced to the Americas where it became extremely popular. There are far fewer standard Bronzes than Broad-breasted (meat) Bronzes.

Colour: male

Head: Red, changeable to bluish white.

Eyes: Iris, a dark hazel, pupil blue-black.

Beak: Horn

Throat-wattle: Bright rich red.

Plumage of both sexes a good metallic bronze throughout.

Neck: Copperish bronze

Back: From neck to middle of back – a rich copperish bronze, each feather terminating in a narrow black band, extending across end. From middle of back to tail coverts – black, each feather having a broad, copperish bronze band extending across it near the end, the feathers ending in a distinct black band, gradually narrowing as the tail coverts approached.

Tail: Main tail and coverts – dull black each feather evenly and distinctly marked transversely with parallel line of brown; each feather having a bronze band extending across the feather, bordered on each side by a distinct band of intense black; the feather terminating in a wide edging of white.

Wings: Shoulder and wing bow coverts – rich copperish bronze, ending in a narrow band of black; coverts, rich bronze, forming a broad band across wings when folded, feathers terminating in a black band, separating them from the secondaries. Primaries, each feather alternately crossed with distinct parallel black and white bars of equal width; flight coverts, barred similar to primaries; secondaries, dull black, alternately crossed with distinct parallel black and white bars, the black bar taking on a bronze cast on the shorter top secondaries and the white bar becoming less distinct.

Breast: Exposed surface of feathers rich bronze, unexposed parts black. Each feather on lower part of breast approaching body terminating in a narrow black band extending across the end.

Body and Fluff: Body black, each feather with a wide bronze band extending across it at the end, a narrow band of black bordering the bronze and terminating in a narrow edging of pure white. Fluff, a dull black.

Legs and Feet: thighs: dull black with slight edgings of greyish white. Shanks and toes – dull black but changing to horn with maturity.

Toenails: Horn


As male, but with faint white lacing on the breast.

Standard weights

Mature stag 13.60 – 18.14kgs (30-40lbs). Young stag 11.33 – 15.87kgs (25 – 35lbs)

Mature hen 8.16 -11.79kgs (18 – 26lbs). Young hen 6.35 – 9.97kgs (14 – 22lb)


Any brown in secondaries.

Day-old poults

The head is light brown with dark brown blotches and streaks. The neck and back have a broader dark streak down the centre with narrower streaks on either side. The wings have two dark streaks in the centre and a dark spot near the tip. The underneath of the poult is a yellowish white on the surface and pale grey beneath. The legs and feet are mainly flesh coloured with some smoky pigmentation below.