Origin: North America

Classification: Light

The breed has been developed on the lines of the Slate turkey. However, the feathers of the Blue are an even colour throughout. The female is usually slighter lighter in shade than the male. This has been a very popular exhibition bird in the past but fewer are seen now than at the beginning of the 20th century.

Colour: male and female

Head: Red, changeable to bluish-white

Beak: Slate blue

Eyes: Dark to black

Throat – wattle: Red, changeable to bluish-white

Legs and Feet: Slate blue

Plumage in both sexes: a light or dark shade of sound and even blue, free from black or brown feathers.

Standard weights

Mature stag 10kgs – 12.7kgs (22lbs – 28lbs)

Young stag 7.25kgs – 10.4kgs (16lbs – 23lbs)

Mature hen 5.4kgs – 8.1kgs (12lbs – 18lbs)

Young hen 3.6kgs – 6.3kgs (8lbs – 14 lbs)


Presence of black or brown feathers.


Day-old Blue poults are a yellowish-white with an extremely pale tinge of blue.