Harvey Speckled

Origin England

Classification Light

A speckled turkey developed in the late 20th century by Mr. D. C. Harvey of Cornwall, England. Initially bred as a light commercial bird. Standard passed by Poultry Club Great Britain March 2016.


Head : Red, changeable to bluish white.

Neck: Creamy white with intermingling cinnamon speckles.

Beak : Light horn.

Eyes: Iris – dark hazel, pupil – black.

Throat wattle: Red, changeable to bluish white.

Plumage: Overall colour is creamy white with cinnamon distinct speckles.

Flights & secondaries: Creamy white.

Tail: Creamy white.


Undercolour and fluff : Creamy white everywhere with some light cinnamon stippling.

Legs and feet: Salmon pink with touch of horn, ageing to predominantly horn.

Female As for male but often less heavily speckled.

Weights Stag Young – 7.25kg to 10kg (16lb to 23lb)

Mature – 10kg to 12.7 kg (22lb to 28lb)

Hen Young – 3.6kg to 6.3kg (8lb to 14lb)

Mature – 5.4kg to 8.1kg (12lb to 18lb)

Defects Colour other than cinnamon. Speckles running into each other, areas of solid colour or barring of solid colour.


Day Old Poults Creamy white with darker mark on back of head.